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A visitor is someone who has a legitimate purpose for being on school property. Visitors to the school must identify themselves and their purpose for being in the building. All visitors must enter through the main entrance and check in at the office. 

Release of Students

Teachers and staff SHALL NOT release children at other than regularly scheduled release times unless the parent or other responsible person has been notified and assumed responsibility for the children. If a parent or guardian wishes to check out a child before the regularly scheduled release time, the parent, guardian, or other authorized person must arrive in person at the main office to check the child out of school.

Reunification Procedures

Reunification refers to getting students reunited with their parents or guardians in an efficient and orderly manner with accurate record keeping. In the event of an emergency, a Reunification Station will be established and parents will be notified as to its location via text and/or an automated phone call. Students will be released only to the parent(s) or person(s) identified on the School District Health and Emergency Form and will only be released at designated reunion areas. The Reunification Director will check ID’s for those wishing to check out students. Runners will go to the class, identify the students, and escort them to the Reunification Station. The Reunification Director will have the student(s) signed out.

School Lockdown/Lockout Emergency

In the event of an actual school lockdown or lockout, parents will be notified to the extent practicable via text and/or an automated phone call.